The International Language and Translation Institute has several types of Certifications available from introductory to advanced. The certificate programs will prepare students for various professions in the area of translation in the global translation industry.

For experienced professionals, we offer life experience credit and a test, which if passed will earn certification. For less experiences individuals, we offer courses that prepare students for the certification tests. Our certificate programs will provide those interested in pursuing a career in the translation field a broad theoretical and practical background, the opportunity to practice different types of translation (legal, medical, commercial/financial, localization, political, and advertising) in a specific language pair, to use technology and translation-memory programs, and to work in individual and team environments.

Our current Certification programs offer coursework and life credit testing in the following language pairs:

Spanish <–> English

Arabic <–> English

French <–> English

Arabic <–> French

and many more…

Specialized Translations

» Commercial translations
» Computer translations
» Legal translations
» Literary translations
» Medical translations
» Scientific translations
» Other specialties

For more information about how you can qualify for courses and or certificate testing, please contact: admin@iltinstitute.com