The International Language and Translation Institute is a private institution dedicated to learning, teaching, translation and the interpretation of languages from around the world. Since 1999 we have been engaged in language related activities of the highest order. Currently we offer a wide range of language learning services and certifications.

Language Certification Our Language Certification program will prepare you to study at the university level, research in many languages, travel abroad, and working and or studying in another country. Our Language Certification can be earned online, locally, or onsite.

Interpreting and Translations Certification Here is your opportunity to become a professional interpreter and or Translator. This program is for those who are already proficient in one or more Foreign Language. We will prepare you to work in the business of professional translation.

Foreign Language Training and Certification Want to become Foreign Language teacher? If so, this program is for you! With our Foreign Language Training Certification you will be able to tutor and educate others in the language of your expertise.

About our Learning & teaching support initiative: Our Learning and Teaching Support initiative goal aspires to disseminate ideas and examples of learning and teaching throughout the Institute through: Ideas, Examples, Events and News. This includes a series of seminars and workshops focus on different areas of learning and teaching.